DealPass offer various discounts on thousands of cultural events, hotels, online and retail stores and more.

I was commissioned by DealMaker AS for thisĀ  prosject in 2012, and my involvement in the project has continued since. In 2017 DealMaker AS decided to hire me fulltime to continue developing the system.

Primarily the system is offered to companies that wants to offer a loyalty-program to their customers. The system is offered to over 1.5 million end-users trough white-labeled portals, and there is an on-going effort to make this services available to the end-users directly.

The systems have had several iterations since 2012, and currently consist of a database, robust backend, and various frontends. Everything deployed trough Azure.

Currently my work consists of maintenance, iteration of aged code, new features and supporting the Progessive Web Application-feature on the frontends.

With the exception of frontend-design all work is done exclusively by me.

The system is flexible and have multible frontends. Here are some:

  • Portal offered to customers of Santander Consumer Bank Norway
  • Embedded solution for Sparebanken Vest
  • Full whitelabel for a dedicated solution dedicated to restaurants.
  • The system is also in some instances integrated behind user-logins and mobile-apps owned directly by the partners. (Santander app, Fjordkraft App, etc)