Dataspillbransjen 2007 – 2017

After almost four years of collecting data on the Norwegian games industry, i released this initial report together with

A lot of time went with gathering the actual list of the companies in the industry, and the gathering of their fiscal reports.

Project Lead at Dataspillsenteret, and designer Steffen Fløan Øie ( helped out with text-revisions, motivational support, and implementation of the brand design of Dataspillsenteret.

This report is unique in that it is an online-only and revision-based report. Meaning that we have more freedom to make changes to the report whenever needed. This was required due to the Norwegian games industry being more or less uncharted prior to this report. Just days after we launched the report, we began to recieve feedback on companies that we had no prior knowledge of, and that we will add to the dataset as fast as possible.

Read the report at


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